Popular Online Bachelor’s Degrees

Millions of students are turning to online bachelor’s degree programs for convenience and value. But just what are they studying? A survey by the non-profit Sloan Consortium found that schools most commonly offered online programs in business, liberal arts and sciences, and computer and information sciences. Each of these online bachelor degree opportunities is summarized below.

  1. Business: In 2003, about 42% of schools offering face-to-face business programs also offered business programs online. Business administration is an especially popular degree since it prepares students for lucrative leadership positions. A business administration degree can lead to jobs in accounting, human resources, marketing, and similar areas.
  2. Liberal arts and sciences: About 40% of brick-and-mortar colleges and universities offered online degrees in liberal arts and sciences, general studies, and humanities in 2003. As defined by Empire State College, liberal arts and sciences are studies that “enhance the abilities of individuals to understand, to judge, to communicate and take action with each other about the nature, quality and conditions of their lives.” This category includes a wide range of undergraduate majors such as: anthropology; biology; chemistry; linguistics; political science; and psychology.                                                                                                   
  3. Computer and information sciences: Thirty-five percent of traditional schools surveyed offered online classes to students in departments of computer and information sciences in 2003. Students generally choose majors in computer science or information science, and some dual-degree bachelor programs are also available.

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