Online Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Education is one of America’s largest employment sectors. It’s expected to remain strong overall as the population of school-age children continues to grow and more adults return to school. Opportunities will be especially plentiful in underachieving school districts and in mathematics, the sciences, and special and bilingual education. What types of education programs are available? A major distinguishing point among bachelor’s degree programs is elementary education versus secondary education. To lead a class in elementary school or middle school, a bachelor’s degree in education is the minimum certification needed. To teach in high school, a graduate typically needs both an education degree and a major in their teaching area. In addition to earning their undergraduate degree(s), people who aim to teach in public schools should become licensed to do so. State licensure can be earned through certain undergraduate and graduate programs in education as well as through alternative or emergency licensure programs. Private school teachers, however, do not always need licensure. Undergraduate programs in education are also designed for people seeking careers as school administrators, counselors, and student support specialists. Which schools offer online undergraduate training in education?

The following schools offer accredited bachelor’s degrees in education online.

Auburn University

Drexel University

University of Hawaii at Manoa

University of Maryland University College

University of North Carolina