How Employers View Online Bachelor’s Degrees

The number of people going back to school and choosing to earn their bachelor’s degrees online has been steadily increasing with each passing year. Better Internet availability and technology has no doubt bolstered the popularity of online schooling, especially for those who cannot attend traditional campus-based classes. And today, employers are warming up to bachelor’s degrees earned through distance education programs.

As early as just a decade ago, employers were distrustful of online degrees due to a belief that the concept was still too new and therefore untested. Whereas traditional campus-based degrees and classroom-based learning models have been around for hundreds of years, online education was completely new. Employers saw online degrees as unfamiliar and some even believed that students participating in online education programs were lazier or less committed than those in classroom programs. But now that old viewpoint has largely changed. A massive 83 percent of executives in the survey stated that they believed that an online degree is just as credible as a traditional degree, as long as long as the online institution is accredited and known for its quality programs, according to CNN’s coverage of an Excelsior College and Zogby International survey. This newfound acceptance of online degrees should not be surprising, especially in light of evidence suggesting that online students may actually learn more than classroom students. A 2009 study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education found that learners who participated in fully online programs typically outperformed learners who took the same course in a classroom. In addition, the fact that many of the nation’s top schools – including some Ivy League institutions – are now offering online courses indicates that the online learning format is indeed sound.

A bachelor’s degree is a valuable thing to have when embarking on a job hunt. Many employers seek out those with a bachelor’s degree in a related field because it proves that the job candidate has achieved a high educational standard, making it more likely that the candidate will perform well on the job. In fact, many challenging and exciting positions are only open to those with at least a bachelor’s degree, such as working as an aerospace engineer or as nursing manager. Some employers also are only willing to dole out promotions to those with at least a bachelor’s-level degree. The best part of all, however, is that many employers now recognize online degrees as being the same as degrees earned through a traditional campus program.