Getting an Online Bachelor’s Degree in History

Students of history learn to professionally research and interpret the past. They generally specialize in a particular geographic area, time period, or field of history (e.g., cultural or religious history). Historians tend to be prolific writers and convey their analysis through essays, journal articles, and books.

What jobs are available to history majors?

Historians are often employed by state and local governments. Those with bachelor’s degrees are prepared for duties such as advising visitor centers, describing museum collections, and helping to preserve historic sites. Popular job titles include:

  • Archivist
  • Contract historian
  • Cultural resources manager
  • Documentary scriptwriter
  • Museum curator
  • Tourism development manager

Historians may also find work as teachers. A bachelor’s degree in history is sufficient training to teach in many primary and secondary schools. Community colleges require history instructors to hold master’s degrees, and universities expect lecturers to be PhDs.

Which schools offer online training?

The following accredited colleges and universities let you earn a bachelor’s degree in history online. Their programs can be completed within three or four years, and even more quickly if previously earned college credits are transferred.

Charter Oak State College

Fort Hays State University

University of Illinois

University of Memphis

University of Nebraska at Kearney