Getting a Degree in Computer Science

Computer science is among the world’s fastest-growing industries. Society’s increasing dependence upon computers and information technology has been accompanied by an ever-growing demand for professionals who can design, create, and maintain new technologies. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for computer scientists to grow a whopping 24% between 2008 and 2018!

What do computer scientists do? Computer scientists are problem solvers. They help solve problems related to business, general computing, and science. This frequently requires collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of electrical engineers and other specialists. Some project examples include designing computer chips, programming virtual reality games, and designing robotics for assembly lines. Computer scientists also work as researchers and professors.

What education is needed? A bachelor’s degree in computer science is only the first step toward becoming a computer scientist. Most computer scientists hold doctorates in computer science or similar fields, such as computer engineering.

Which schools offer online undergraduate training in computer science? Follow the links below for accredited online bachelor’s programs in computer science.

University of Phoenix

California State University – Chico

Drexel University

Florida State University

University of Illinois

University of Maryland

University College

University of Toledo