Earn an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Health Services Management

As the baby boom generation turns sixty-something and healthcare is dramatically reformed, the demand for skilled and up-to-date professionals in healthcare management continues to grow. Well-trained graduates of undergraduate programs in heath services management are recruited as assistant hospital administrators, residential care managers, and other personnel responsible for running medical facilities. What will I study in a health services management bachelor's program? Students in health services bachelor's programs learn to apply management skills to medical environments. One component of their training is experiential learning with software commonly used to manage patient records. Students must also become familiar with healthcare financing systems and public policy as it relates to health care. Some other areas of study may include ethics, managed care, and marketing. What jobs are available to graduates with health services management degrees? Graduates take leadership positions in various health care settings and sometimes in specific health care departments. Examples of focus areas include business administration, health services finance, and technical management. Typical places of employment include clinics, insurance companies, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and welfare agencies. Which schools offer online training?

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Texas Tech University

University of Cincinnati

University of Toledo

Virginia College Online