Best Bachelor’s Degrees to Get Right Now

With the changing job climate, it can be difficult to know what career path to pursue and what degree you should earn. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best bachelor’s degrees to get right now from some of the most prosperous and rewarding fields.

  • Computer and Information Systems. The majority of businesses today, whether they are small local operations or big international corporations, use computers and information networks to conduct business and communicate with customers and other employees. Many businesses also use computers to keep track of their records and finances. This reliance on computers has created a growing demand for those with expertise in such technologies and systems. In particular, those with a computer and information systems degree will find themselves as hot commodities upon graduation, especially because job opportunities for computer and information systems managers are projected to increase 17 percent throughout the 2008-18 decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Aerospace Engineering. Though commercial flights have decreased within the past decade, air travel remains an important fixture in society. It is not only passenger planes that take advantage of flight technology, but cargo carriers and military aircrafts as well. The flight industry is always looking for innovative ways to make air travel and flight in general safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. Aerospace engineers do just that. The demand for those with aerospace engineering degrees – yes, even bachelor’s degrees – is projected to increase 10 percent during the 2008-18 decade, according to the BLS. In addition, the average graduate with this degree earns a generous average starting annual salary of $57,231, according to CNBC.
  • Nursing. Health care is one of the fastest growing industries, and nursing makes up the largest portion of it. Job opportunities for registered nurses are expected to increase an astounding 22 percent during the 2008-18 decade, according to the BLS, making it highly likely for new nurses to easily find rewarding jobs after graduation. Those with a bachelor’s degree in nursing will likely find better-paying positions than those with only an associate degree in nursing or a nursing diploma. In addition, they will also be more likely to advance to higher positions and find employment opportunities in a wider range of specialized nursing, such as pediatrics and ophthalmology.