Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

If you’re a “people person” with a business mind, then marketing might be your ideal career path. Marketing includes researching what customers want and need, setting markets and prices, and delivering products to the public. Some jobs are especially people-focused and creative while others are more focused on accounting and statistics. What education is needed for a career in marketing? Most businesses expect marketing professionals to hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing or the equivalent. Examples of equivalent educations include a business administration degree with a marketing concentration, and a business major with a marketing minor. A bachelor’s degree in marketing makes a graduate eligible for many entry level positions with corporations and non-profit groups. These positions are generally sales-oriented, but there are many jobs for new graduates as research assistants, marketing interviewers, and various types of trainees. Leadership positions in medium and larger organizations are generally given to MBAs with marketing concentrations. Some advanced positions in marketing include advertising manager, brand manager, product manager, and sales manager. Which schools offer online training in marketing? The following accredited schools offer online programs such as Bachelor of Science degree programs in marketing and undergraduate business administration programs with marketing concentrations.

Colorado Technical University

Pennsylvania State University

University of Maryland University College

University of Minnesota

West Texas A & M University