Advantages of Earning a Bachelor’s Degree Online

In the United States, formal education is a key to success. Until recently, life circumstances such as physical disabilities, hectic work schedules, and childrearing have made it almost impossible for many people to complete a college education. Fortunately, in recent years online learning has made it possible for millions of Americans to earn high-quality bachelor’s degrees that enhance their lives.

How do online programs make earning a degree easier? Students say:

  • “I can attend class on my own schedule. If I need to work overtime, there’s no stressing about being late for class.”
  • “Online programs save me money. I don’t pay for a commute, and since I log in when the kids are sleeping, there’s no extra bill for child care.”
  • It’s fast. I’m earning my bachelor’s degree online in just three years instead of four!”

If you’re interested in a “log in anytime” program, then search for programs described as asynchronous. These allow students and professors to log in at different times and communicate through email and downloadable lectures. Other online programs require participation at set times. Those are preferable to people who want real-time lectures and online chat or video sessions.

Online learners save money in several ways. In addition to saving on commute costs and child care, distance learners often save on tuition and textbooks. Distance learners might also save on clothing, meal costs, and parking fees.

The timeframes for online degree programs vary. For most fields, an online degree can be earned in the same amount of time as it would take on campus, if not more quickly. Many accelerated programs are available. Part-time programs are also offered. In short, no matter what your schedule constraints may be, there’s an online program that fits your needs.