40 Inspiring Blogs for the Aspiring Playwright

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May 11th, 2011

Anyone will tell you that building a career in showbiz is tough, not just for actors, but for writers as well. Competition abounds, scripts are meddled with, and writer's block is a constant threat. Read on to find 40 blogs that understand, and offer advice for aspiring playwrights.

  1. Working Title Playwrights Blog: Working Title Playwrights discusses making new plays happen for developing playwrights.
  2. Essential Theatre: Essential Theatre provides support for the creation of new dramatic literature through this blog.
  3. The Jobbing Scriptwriter: Phil Barron's blog is a playwriting blog that's not for the faint hearted.
  4. The Office of Letters and Light: The Office of Letters and light encourages writers to reach their creative potential.
  5. Adam Szymkowicz: Adam Szymkowicz has advice for new playwrights, as well as interviews with playwrights.
  6. Playwright Now: Stephen Gregg helps student playwrights and more on this blog.
  7. Culturebot: Culturebot overloads with culture, sharing arts, culture, and ideas.
  8. Damian Trasler's Secret Blog: Damian Trasler's blog discusses secret information about life, plays, and Canada.
  9. Plays and Playwrights: The NYTE Small Press is all about publishing plays by emerging playwrights.
  10. Playwrights Foundation Blog: This foundation is dedicated to supporting American playwrights and the development of new plays.
  11. ArtsBeat: Read ArtsBeat to take a look at culture in the US.
  12. About Last Night: About Last Night takes a look at the art scene in New York.
  13. The Pen is Mightier Than the Spork: James Moran is a writer sharing his experiences on this blog.
  14. Write Here, Write Now: Lucy Hay is a script editor, screenwriter, and feminist.
  15. Everything I Know I Learned from Musicals: Chris Caggiano's blog explores musicals, with reviews, news, and more.
  16. Weebelly: Weebelly is a playwrights blog dedicated to all things play building.
  17. Happy Publishing: Happy Publishing has inspiration for aspiring playwrights.
  18. NaPlWriMo: NaPlWriMo is National Playwriting Month, and offers great ideas for playwriting.
  19. Culture Monster: Stay on top of culture in LA with the help of Culture Monster.
  20. Economic Revitalization for Performing Artists: Check out this blog to learn about revitalizing the profit system for performing arts.
  21. New Play Blog: Read about the development of new plays on this blog.
  22. How to be a busy poet and still live in poverty: Mark Niel blogs about staying busy as a poet.
  23. The Subversive Copy Editor Blog: Carol is a senior manuscript editor with great advice for aspiring playwrights.
  24. Jamespeak: Read James Comtois' ramblings as a playwright and armchair thinker on Jamespeak.
  25. Script Frenzy: Get inspired to write scripts with this blog.
  26. Theatre Thoughts Blog: Read about all things theatrical on the Theatre Thoughts blog.
  27. On Theatre and Politics: Matthew Freeman's blog explores his work as a playwright and freelance writer.
  28. Writers Write: Writer's Write is a great blog for writing and publishing as a playwright.
  29. Upstaged: Upstaged explores the world of theater in New York and the US.
  30. Gabrielle Fox Playwright: Gabrielle discusses her work as a playwright, screenplay, and short story writer.
  31. Travalance: Travalanche shares a variety of observations from Trav S.D., a playwright and more.
  32. New Jersey Young Playwrights: This blog is all about supporting young playwrights in New Jersey and beyond.
  33. We Play Different: Check out this blog to learn about creating plays.
  34. Caviglia's Cabinet of Curiosities: Caviglia's blog focuses on TV, theatre, art, movies, and even cephalopods.
  35. Summer Play Festival Diary: SPF Diary takes a look at playwrights and interns on this blog.
  36. Friends in Film: Friends in Film help actors and writers get into the film business.
  37. Ruben Carbajal: Ruben's blog offers playwriting and copywriting in blog form.
  38. Theatre, Culture, Politics & Stuff I Like: Read playwright David Johnson's blog about the theater industry and his work.
  39. Ronald McCants: Ronald McCants' blog is all about what's happening now with American playwrights.
  40. David J. LeMaster: David J. LeMaster is the Parkinson's Playwright writing about adventures in theater, literature, incurable diseases, and optimism.

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