Take eLearning Habits with You After You Graduate

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January 30th, 2011

One of the great things about eLearning and online degree programs is that they inculcate in their students good eLearning habits. This is especially important nowadays, as the internet has become and continues to be, throughout the world, the most popular way of spreading and gaining knowledge. Graduates of online degree programs are at an advantage in today's internet-dependant climate because they have learned and practiced skills for navigating the information highway.

One way online degree programs help their graduates continue to learn after school is they give them the tools to sift through and sort the overwhelming amount of information on the internet. This is a skill students don't learn as well in traditional learning environments. This isn't to say that traditional universities don't teach these skills, but that because their curricula is often mixed, there isn't the steep learning curve that online students must climb to be proficient at learning online. In an online course, every learning action is through the internet or some other electronic means of communication. So students have to quickly learn and adapt to these methods.

Furthermore, they become familiar with all of the online learning resources, which many people who aren't as often online fail to discover on their own. Because everything students do in an online course is through the internet, online programs must provide them with a significant amount of online resources. These resources will be both internal and external resources, which means that students who have graduated may still have access to certain types of resources long after they have earned the degree. This is great for students who wish to use the resources to continue to develop their career path as well as their own self-worth.

Finally, because students in online degree programs are often studying and working on their own, they develop a strong sense of self-confidence and self-reliance. They build learning habits for themselves, and these learning habits will stay strong for them, allowing them to continue to learn on their own, perhaps more than those students who learned at a traditional academic institution. Traditional students often learn within a tightly knit community, and so the shock of learning on their own after they graduate can be overwhelming, while online degree students are used to the self-reliance of online learning, and so they can do better on their own as lifelong learners.

Of course, how you keep these habits is up to you. It's really up to your own motivation as a life-long learner. In any case, you should keep in mind that your time studying in an online degree program can be useful to you later in life if you wish to keep learning for yourself.

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