Classes You Should Avoid Taking Online

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January 13th, 2011

With the ever growing demand of flexible schedules, you can pretty much take any class online nowadays. But just because there is an array of different classes available doesn’t mean that you will easily succeed in them. Taking online courses requires a lot of discipline since in a sense a lot of them use “self-teaching” techniques. In order to learn which classes you should avoid taking online, continue reading below.

Before you enroll in online classes, you want to first assess your strengths and weakness. Is there a particular area of study or a specific subject that you have always struggled with comprehending? For example many say they generally have difficulties grasping math concepts. If this is the case, it is recommended that you do not take a math course online—it’ll probably be best to take the math course in a traditional classroom setting if the option is available. This is because although you will be able to get assistance from your professor if you have questions, it’s still rather difficult to fully explain how to solve math problems through e-mails or a phone conversation. These sorts of things are usually best explained visually, not verbally. Granted some math online professors might solve a problem on the board and zoom in, but if you get confused you can’t immediately ask questions since it is a pre-recorded lecture. In addition, you will have limited resources for assistance. For example, if you attend a traditional math course and do not understand how to solve a particular problem, in addition to having it explained by your professor, you could ask a teaching assistant or fellow class mate who might be able to explain the step-by-step process on a piece of paper in front of you. You won’t have that luxury in an online class.

Another online course you should avoid is taking science courses that require labs. Since it is impossible to perform labs without the supervision of a professor, you will be required to go to a campus-based facility in order to participate in these labs. If you are taking an online course because you do not have time to make frequent trips to a brick-and-mortar institution it’s probably best that you do not take physics and organic chemistry online, for example. Just as a rule of measure, the best online classes to take are those that when compared to a traditional class, all you need to do is observe the lecture, write some notes, and pay attention. These types of courses include but are not limited to the following: history, English, and government.

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