Bad High School Habits to Break Before College

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January 2nd, 2011

High school was tough, but undoubtedly after spending approximately 12 years in the grade school education system, many students have come across their own ways to get good grades while exerting the least amount of effort. But if you are a recent high school graduate looking to go to college, there are a few bad habits that you will have to break.

One of the cardinal sins that high school students regularly partake in is procrastinating. However, this will not fly when you are in college and the work load is more intensive. Most classes have large take-home assignments that students must complete each week, and these assignments typically are much more involved than high school-level assignments. For example, whereas a high school reading assignment may be 20 pages each night, a college-level reading assignment may be 50 pages between classes. This means that if you miss one reading assignment, you will have much more to make up much faster than if you miss a reading assignment in high school. Learn to get everything done in a timely manner so that you will not risk falling behind due to procrastination.

Another habit to break is playing hooky. Missing a single class in high school may not have been a big deal since each class was an hour long at the most, but in college, each class is packed with valuable information that should not be missed. Even though there are fewer classes per semester in college than you are used to taking in high school, each of these classes demand a lot of attention and hard work. Do not make the mistake of missing a class just because you do not feel like going. For each missed class, you could be missing a valuable lecture, exam information, and other pieces of data that could greatly affect your studies.

Finally, do not get into the habit of only using half of your effort in completing class assignments or projects. College professors and teaching assignments grade much harder than high school teachers because they know that you must work hard in order to earn a degree. For this reason, do not use any of your essay shortcuts when writing an essay, such as filling it with "fluff" in order to meet a word count requirement. Your professor will see right through this tactic and deduct points from your overall grade. Instead, really buckle down and work hard on your assignments and make sure that each one meets college standards.

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