Merits of College Clubs

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December 2nd, 2010

The majority of a student's time spent in college is outside the classroom. After factoring in studying, eating, sleeping, and just watching videos on YouTube, every undergraduate still has plenty of personal time to get themselves involved in a school club. Being a part of a society or and organized group during your college years, can be a very enjoyable experience. The lists of different clubs you can join run deep. Anyone interested in sports, theatre, art, or chess can find a place they would enjoy. Even formal organizations such fraternities and sororities can allow you to be members beyond your college years. There really is something for everyone.

By signing up and taking part in structured school activities, a student can achieve a more personal college experience. Clubs provide a venue for people who have similar interests to meet and develop relationships. New friends can give you more confidence and assist you in improving social skills. Not to mention the skills a club may teach you, which you can use later on in life, such as learning how to make sushi in Asian Alliance. Maybe you want to join a club to specifically learn a new skill, but are too embarrassed to admit your beginner level. There is no need to feel nervous or shy about your abilities. Just bring in a desire to learn, and current members will respect your new interest and be willing to teach you everything they know.

Typically schools provide every main club with a small budget. These funds can be the foundation of a charity project of your choice. Or they can be used to create an entertaining social gathering. Whether it is making a contribution to your school's local community or looking to attract more members, social events can be a great atmosphere to let loose and have fun. Improving social skills can be beneficial, even to the most out-going and confident breeds. Social clubs are a venue where your skills can mature. Learn to be comfortable in an unfamiliar environment, and develop the confidence to address a different group of people outside of your established social circle.

College can bring on different stresses – give yourself an outlet and a time where you can just do something for you. Do not let an interest you may have be ignored. Share your passions and desires with a group of people who you may not have ever thought to previously approach. Friendships made in a college club can become life-long. Making friends and improving or learning a new skill are just a few of the primary reasons to find a club in your school. Sign up!

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