System for Staying Connected

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November 28th, 2010

Going away to college can be a scary time for a young adult. Leaving everything you know behind to embark on a new adventure can make a person anxious. Parents, siblings, and friends do not need to be a block away for you to keep in touch. All it takes is time, effort, and a few basic means of communication for you to keep your personal relationships strong.

Instructions on how to use certain devices may be necessary, but beginning with a webcam is a good start. Video chats give more than just a regular phone call to a student away from home. The ability to see images of your loved ones can ease your mind and bring a smile to your face. Such programs as Skype are free and easy to use. However finding the time in both parties schedules to sit down and chat for an enjoyable length of time can be a challenge.

E-mails can be sent at everyone's convenience. Whether they are short or long, they still allow a detailed account of what is going on in one another's lives. Texting provides the same information except it is usually more spread out, and the communication happens on a more regular time schedule. Both are nice alternatives when you may be in the library or classroom and are not in a position to make a phone call.

Facebook provides a safe haven for you and your friends to continue strong bonds while being miles apart. Messaging, posts, and chat are just some of the means of communication Facebook offers. Through all the variety of ways to stay connected, students can designate particular methods to a specific family member or best friend. Staying connected is important, and should not be forgotten. The smallest amount of effort can keep a relationship strong, and thanks to all technology has to offer, you have the flexibility to make that effort when it is most convenient for you.

Who doesn't love getting mail – letters and care packages can show more effort and compassion than a traditional phone call. They also provoke a more joyous reaction. Family is just as important as the education that you left home to achieve, do not lose sight of that. Sometimes it can be harder on a parent to let their child go, than for the student who is heading into the unknown.

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