Things to Think about when You’re Considering Transferring Schools

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October 14th, 2010

Some students have serious second thoughts about the college they've chosen. If you believe that the college you're currently attending isn't the best fit for you, you don't have to feel obligated to stay there. You can still transfer to another college and continue your education at an institution that better meets your needs as a student or where you find the classes more engaging.

Students transfer schools for many reasons. For instance, a student may be disappointed with an academic program at their current college and hope to find a school with a better program. A student who works full time may be disappointed at the limited evening class offerings at their current college and may wish to attend a university that offers asynchronous online courses. Yet another student might be enrolled in an academic program that gets dropped by their university and must seek out another college that offers that program. Even more common are students who attend classes at a two-year college and wish to transfer to a four-year college to finish out a bachelor's degree.

Whatever your reason for transferring, there are some things you should be concerned about when you decide to do so. First and foremost, transferring may mean you have to stay in school longer. All of the credits you earned at the first college you attended may not transfer, and even if they do, many colleges set a limit on how many transfer credits they will accept. Transferring during your junior year, for instance, could be risky because your chances of having all of your credits accepted by another university are slim. Keeping this in mind, it is best to transfer to your college of choice as soon as possible.

It's also important to keep your grades up if you plan to transfer. Some colleges will not accept credits for courses in which a student earned a C or lower, according to the Princeton Review. Students who have decided to transfer often make the mistake of deciding not to attend their current semester's classes anymore in hopes of starting afresh at another college. The college you plan to transfer to will need to see in your first college transcript that you are a capable student, so be sure you don't throw in the towel on your current classes.

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