The Call of the Ivy League: The Advantages of Holding a Degree That Speaks for Itself

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October 7th, 2010

A prevalent part of our culture, well-known Ivy League schools are respected across the nation as leaders in education and research and the objects of desire for many parents and high school seniors. As well respected as these institutions are, there is currently some hesitation among journalists and researchers as to the true value of an Ivy League education. These schools carry a huge price tag and can do no more than any other school in guaranteeing the success of future graduates. There are some undeniable benefits, however, to holding an Ivy League degree.

When choosing a school, it can be difficult to know what your professors will be like, and, even in college, knowing you've selected a course with a great professor can be sort of a hit or miss thing. You won't have to worry about that quite as much with an Ivy League school. Although there are excellent professors at every school, professors will almost always be top-notch at an Ivy League. The Ivies are able to pay professors well and offer them the best research and writing opportunities around. With an Ivy League, even if you don't like your professor, you can be sure that you are receiving an education from one of today's leading minds.

Another benefit is the fact that Ivies do open doors – they just do. Having a Harvard or Yale degree in this country just has carries extra weight. It has a cultural significance that extends beyond the education you may have received. It will not make you smarter or more qualified than anyone else, but it does mean that you made it through a pretty tough program. Ten years after graduation, there will not be much difference between a bright student from a state school and a bright student with an Ivy League degree. However, immediately after graduation, the student with the Harvard degree may have doors opened to her more readily than if she was from a state school.

Also, Ivy's can be more selective, so there is a good chance you will be surrounded by stellar minds and students with a drive just as strong as your own. This is another benefit to the Ivy League, and possibly another reason why graduates earn more – they have been hand selected based on their intelligence and drive. As an Ivy League student, your freshman roommate could potentially be, not only a millionaire someday, but your future best friend. These kinds of connections make the Ivy League prices seem a little more sustainable.

When making your college choice, look at an Ivy as you would any other school – what does it have to offer you educationally. Sure, they come with a huge price, but if you can afford it, there are some heavy benefits.

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