Top Priorities for Business Student Success

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August 20th, 2010

As a business student, your priorities and needs will probably be a lot different than students with other majors. You'll need to build good connections and experience if you want to be successful when you graduate. Read on to find out what your most important priorities should be while you're in business school.

Most employers will require a degree as a bare minimum, and often, expect a good deal of experience to go along with it. You can't graduate from school having done nothing but study and expect to do well in the business job market. If you're able to spare the time, look for a job where you can gain experience while working on your studies. Or, many students find that an internship is a great way to build connections with employers as well as add good experience to a resume.

A strategic minor is important as well. Majoring in business will give you a good foundation, but your specialty can be determined and supported by your major. Accounting, public relations, psychology, and other majors often make good pairings with a business degree. Consider what you'd really like to do in business when choosing a minor to go along with your business degree.

Hone your writing skills. In business, you'll spend a lot of your time communicating with others, most often in written form via email and letters. By becoming a skillful writer, you'll be able to communicate with others in a way that in understandable and effective.

While you're in school, don't be a wallflower. Spend your time getting to know professors, students, and others that you come into contact with in your studies. Join groups and make it a point to know the leaders in your school, or even take on leadership roles. Networking is essential to your future success, and can get you in contact with people who can be useful now and in the future.

Make the most of your business school experience by setting the right priorities for yourself from the start. Focus on good networking, writing, experience, and more to ensure success upon graduation and beyond.

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