Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

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August 9th, 2010

No matter where you go to school, you are more than likely going to spend some portion of it in a dorm room. It's great to finally have some space outside of your parents' house, but it can be difficult to take a tiny, shared room and create a living area that feels like home. Putting some time into your room, though, is very much worth the effort and not that difficult if you follow a few helpful hints.


This will be your every-day space and your only personal area for the next year, so you should make it aesthetically pleasing to you. Wander through a bed and bath store to get some ideas. Note which colors you gravitate toward and plan around that. Then, buy the best bedding you can afford. Invest in comfort, and you'll be much happier in that tiny bed. It's also great to put up posters or photos of things that are inspiring or funny to you. There are some great poster sites out there with art prints, photography, and funny movie scenes. You can also find cool old posters at thrift or antique stores. For music lovers, head to a record store and decorate with old album covers.

Keep It Well-Stocked

In order to feel comfortable in your dorm room, fill it with items that you personally need and want. Buy tissues and cotton balls and little things that are normally in the bathroom of your parents' house. Buy DVDs that you love to watch over and over. Pick up a bunch of magazines at a time so you have some on hand if you're bored. If you love music, buy some good speakers to attach to your computer. And don't forget food and drinks! When you go to the grocery store, buy drinks and snacks in bulk so you don't run out all the time.

Coincide the Lay-Out with Your Lifestyle

If you like to study in your room, create an area where you can easily stack your books and have enough room to read and write. If you love to watch Jeopardy as you doze off for your afternoon nap, make your TV accessible from your bed. If you like to cook, organize an area to keep a couple pots and pans and cooking supplies.

Make It Versatile

Your dorm room will be used not only as a place to sleep, but also a place to hang out, study and eat. In order to have the most functional dorm room, make it ready for both peaceful afternoon lounging and Saturday night pre-parties. Get some big pillows for your bed that could be used as floor pillows for a group, and arrange the room so a couple extra people can sit comfortably. Also, keep some paper towels, napkins and plastic cutlery in your room so you can eat without too much effort or mess.

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