How to Create a Non-Awkward Date

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August 9th, 2010

Okay, so, the great thing about college is the availability of new people to date. The downside is actually dating them. With everyone living in such close proximity, dating in college can be kind of non-existent. You are much more likely to meet someone, hang out once in a while on campus or at a party, and then just get together without going through any dating process at all. This may not be because people don't want to date; it may just be that dating on a college campus can be really awkward. There are some ways though, to woo someone living on campus without feeling totally lame.

Do Something Uncommon

Hanging out together doesn't have to involve dinner and a movie. Go grab a coffee and head to a museum or check out parts of the city that you don't normally see. The knowledge that you are doing something without the pressure of a typical date will take the awkwardness out of the whole thing.

Meet Up

There's nothing worse than trying to do the normal date thing, going to pick up your crush, and dealing with his or her entire hall watching the action and keeping track of when, and in what state, you return. Cut out the drama and just meet up off campus. You can both drive there and you don't have to deal with an unnatural scene.

Go Out with a Group of Friends

Although this can sometimes backfire and be more awkward than not, going out with friends is a great way to take the pressure off and not have to constantly worry about the flow of the date. See if you have any friends in common, and if you do, go out together to a bar or party. You will not only get to spend some extra time with your crush, you can see them with their guard down around their friends.

Pick Them Up After Class

If you do want to pick someone up for a quick coffee or meal, a great time is after they get out of class. They won't be in their dorm room and might also be away from their good friends, so it's a great time for both of you to slip away while no one's looking.

Leave Them Things in Their Mailbox on the Sly

Okay, first off, don't be creepy. This is not a way to ask someone out. But it you've been seeing someone for a while and the vibes are good, leave a copy of the CD you mentioned they might like in their mailbox. It's sweet and completely low-key. It also beats trying to get into their dorm room.

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