Utilizing Your School’s Resources

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August 4th, 2010

By Alisa Gilbert

Make sure you utilize your school’s resources; there are endless untapped means of assisting you through your academic career. First and foremost, know where the learning or student center is located and start there in finding out what’s available on campus. Whether you need a tutor for a difficult class or carpooling ideas, the student center should be a good place to acquire some basic information. Ask your professors and classmates, too, if they have any inside tips on where to go for help in certain areas. You’d be surprised what little secrets people may share with you that can really enhance your experience on campus.

Know where the computer and writing labs are and their hours. It is also useful to know if writing tutors are available and when they are there to help you. If you are struggling with a paper or have a professor who’s tough on grading papers, see a writing specialist and they can help critique your style. They can also send an email to your professor if you would like, letting them know you came to the writing lab for assistance with a particular paper. This shows great effort and responsibility on your part; it might also help boost your grade or make the professor a little more lenient on his/her grading technique.

Become familiar with your school’s library. It’s a great resource and often has more resources than one would expect to find, but you have to inquire and learn what those tools are. So know your school library, get familiar with the hours and ask the librarians there for any assistance as that’s what they are there for.

Depending on what stage you’re in school, you may have an I.D. card as a graduate student that has more uses than simply showing you are a commuter. The school may put a small amount of money on your card each semester that can be used for copies, faxes or food in the cafeteria. If you don’t know the money is there to spend, it’s just accumulating each semester and soon you may have a small chunk of change that you could throw away if you’re not aware it’s there. Speaking of cafeterias, know where you can get some food around campus for those late nights when you have to study, but your stomach is grumbling. Whether it be the local diner, vending machine or school cafe, you should know what’s available, the hours and where it’s located so being hungry doesn’t affect your studies. You’re paying to go there, get your money’s worth!

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