25 College Presidents You Should Follow On Twitter

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October 27th, 2010

Depending on what kind of school you go to, you may have only seen your college president from the back of an auditorium, or not at all, if you're an online student. But these college presidents have made it a priority to reach out to their students, the academic community, faculty members, alumni and prospective students through Twitter. Here are some of the best tweeting college presidents — and a few student affairs VPs — that can serve as resources for learning about college options and higher education news, as well as supporters of school spirit and sports.

  1. @dalelunsford: Dale Lunsford is the president of LeTourneau University and keeps everyone updated on his travels and campus news, often sharing tweets and quotes of encouragement and optimism.
  2. @clupresident: California Lutheran President Chris Kimball shares sports news, articles about higher education and the CLU community, technology updates, and more.
  3. @Biddy_Martin: UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin is a good resource for students wanting to know about the latest in campus news and school spirit.
  4. @dasam: David A Sam is the president at Germanna Community College in Virginia and shares congratulatory messages, events updates, sports scores and more on his feed.
  5. @HipHopPrez: Philander Smith College president Walter Kimbrough tweets from meetings and shares informative articles debating higher education topics.
  6. @jeffabernathy: Jeff Abernathy is president at Alma College in Michigan and is a frequent tweeter attracting conversation about higher education.
  7. @PresidentCorey: California's Biola University president Barry Corey tweets about alumni and his various events and conferences.
  8. @ParkUPrez: Michael Dodge of Park University uses Twitter to spread the news about campus events, featured faculty, and more.
  9. @presidentgee: Ohio State University president E. Gordon Gee highlights talks, faculty speeches, alumni events, and more.
  10. @TRINITYPREZ: This is the Twitter feed for the president of Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC, and you'll find links to articles about education at all levels.
  11. @fakeStevenknapp: This is actually the real Twitter feed for the president of George Washington University.
  12. @BeckTaylor: Spokane's Whitworth University president Beck Taylor is a frequent tweeter who makes a point to respond and connect with others, too.
  13. @mark_yudof: University of California president Mark Yudof shares news and accolades from all ten campuses.
  14. @johnmaeda: RISD president John Maeda tweets encouraging, thought-provoking quotes and articles here.
  15. @gileskirk: Giles Kirk isn't just chancellor of New College Franklin — he's also the founder of the Franklin Classical School and a Presbyterian minister.
  16. @michaelcrow: Arizona State president Michael Crow shares his views and thoughtful articles on the state of Arizona education, current events, higher education, and ASU news.
  17. @EmirCaner: Truett-McConnell College president Emir Caner reveals his football passion and Christian roots in this feed.
  18. @AJUpresident: If you don't know where to find the president of Andrew Jackson University, just check his feed for airplane updates and travel news.
  19. @kstate_pres: Kirk H. Schulz is the president of Kansas State, and he tweets here about school sports while answering student questions about grad school and more.
  20. @LarryPenley: Larry Penley is actually a former president of Colorado State University, but he's a great resource for keeping up with higher education trends and debate.
  21. @UHpres: University of Houston president Renu Khator gets on Twitter to share photos and give updates about sports games, community events, meetings and department news.
  22. @JamesAmmons: Florida A&M University president James Ammons encourages students and followers to jump in on the conversation, attend campus events and visit other social networks and media sites for the school.
  23. @LevesterJohnson: As the VP for Student Affairs at Butler University, Levester Johnson is a great follow, frequently tweeting about trips to conferences and meetings about higher ed and college culture.
  24. @acpaprez: Another VP for Student Affairs, Susan Salvador works for Monroe Community College and also the president of ACPA — College Student Educators International.
  25. @dreverettpiper: Oklahoma Wesleyan University president Dr. Everett Piper supports school sports and Christian principles here.

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